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(no subject)
Suhoon centric fanfiction with implied SuMin 
Rated R for self mutilation 
word count 1,179
this could have turned out better but oh well
Suhoon looked down at his arm. His pale skin looked beautiful with blood swelling out of it. A long, deep dash was across his left arm.

Slowly the blood came out. His eyes followed the trail of warm crimson, watching it leave trails down his arm, to his palm and the dripping down, off the finger tips. It looked so nice, like art.

But his masterpiece wasn’t done yet. Not even close.

Taking the knife that was in his right hand, the young man slashed across his arm again. This time though the cut was short and on his shoulder. The blood gushed out this time, pooling over the shoulder. Some went its way down his chest, crossing collar bone and soaking into the fabric of his tank top. More trickled down his arm, join the older cute in covering him in red.
Red is such a beautiful color.
It stood for love, passion, fire, power, hunger.
It’s an amazing color.
Such color that his skin would drown it.
Rapidly, his knife went across the other arm. It left behind tiny, cat like scratches up and down the once flawless skin. Little spouts of blood came out of each cut, not enough to boil over and leak fast. Slim, long fingers ran up the arm. His blood smeared, but then his fingers moved around to make interesting designs with his blood.
Eying his arm, he shook his head in disappointment. His fingers went back to his arm, but only to claw their way into his cuts, making them deeper, wider, and longer. His flesh was then torn in odd shapes, it looked more like his arms were mauled.
Suhoon giggled.
So much fun…
The blood pouring out of him covered the marks on his arm. But he didn’t care. It was so much better this way.
The point of the stained knife moved to his collar bone. Slowly he dug in, making the cuts neat and ‘clean’. There was no order, no pattern, just neat straight lines crossing over his collar bones.
Will the people like his collar bones more now? Everyone seems to have liking for them when he wore tank tops. The small cuts of red make it look even better right?

Of course
His blue eyes trailed down to his legs. His pants were already torn apart; it was the fashion the stylists thought look nice on him. He wasn’t complaining though, it made things easier.
Wasting no time, the pale boy dug the knife into his skin. The first cut was jagged and uneven. It went well with the pants, Suhoon thought. So he continued to do that in between the rips of his jeans. Red quickly covered the white of his legs.

His legs were never bad but they were never as nice as another member of his. The blood just made his legs look so much better. It was like adding paint to a blank canvas. Without the paint everything it boring and plain but then once paint is added it ends up looking beautiful.
That’s what he’s going to be.
He wants to be seen as beautiful.
He wants him to see him as beautiful.
This was all for him.
With those thoughts dwelling in his brain his hand began to move on its own. His head moved upwards from his red legs, the knife slashed across his stomach.
His weight was never much, but he wasn’t as thin as another member.
Not enough, not enough, not enough, not enough, not enough
With each repeat the knife slashed across his midriff, ripping apart his shirt with it. It didn’t matter though, as long as he would look at him in awe.

All he wanted was him.
The only thing left was his face.
His hand moved slowly, but not out of caution, more out of the way his arms tingled and felt like they were numbing. It won’t stop him though.

It carved into his cheek, a slightly curved cut made. Suhoon breathed out deeply, bringing the knife to his other cheek and doing the same thing. Only little cut followed suit. Blood slid down his face, dripping off as if they were tears.
Never considered the handsome one of the group, there was always a member a head of him…
The pale boy tried to keep going, but he couldn't.
His breath was coming out heavy now. His arms started to feel like weights attached to his shoulders. Dropping the knife, Suhoon looked down at himself.
Everything was red.
His arms, shoulders, stomach, legs…
It was all so much.
For some reason it made him scream. His scream was loud and echoed in his ears. He felt nothing though, his whole body felt numb and heavy. Shivers racked his body though, his legs becoming shaky.
Someone opened the door, a very much auditable gasp heard. Suhoon turn his marred face towards them, cuts still leaking out the warm liquid. He outstretched his crimson arms, smile forming peacefully onto his lips. His eyes weld up with another kind of liquid.
“Don’t I look so beautiful?” he could barely get out, his voice horsed and strained from his scream. The young man took a staggered step forward, only for the power he had seconds later to crumble down to the floor. His smile never left as he looked at the other man in the room “…Hyunmin.”
The look of awe he expected from the other didn’t happen; instead a look of horror. Suhoon tried to get back up, his arms not allowing him and he fell back onto the floor.
“Do you…not like it?” He breathed out hard, his vision blurring but not only from the tears building up, “All for you…” He tried to pull himself closer to the other, whom seemed glued to their spot. The tears that fell from Suhoon’s eyes mixed with the blood and dripped onto the floor, where a small pile of blood began to build up.

“Hyunmin…” That seemed to gain the younger’s attention. He quickly came to Suhoon’s side, unsure where to grab the other. “For…” speaking became hard as well and breathing and keeping his eyes opened. None of that could end, he needed approval. He wanted Hyunmin to tell him he did something right and that he loves him.

“I love…you, “Suhoon got out, but what he got back was, “Why? Why did you do this?” and felt something wet fall on his face.


He made Hyunmin cry.

“Don’t speak, “Hyunmin quickly commanded, gently pulling Suhoon closer to him and holding him, “Just breathe and keep your eyes open. Please don’t close them, just concentrate on breathing. I called an ambulance, just hold on they will be here soon.” Hyunmin felt quite calm on the outside but with the small rain of tears he was getting on his face, Suhoon could tell how he felt inside.

“…You were beautiful to me before this…” Suhoon heard the other mumble, “…I never loved him as much as you.”
But before he could say anything, everything went black.

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YaY! I am the FIRST comment!

Alrighty then....Hmmmm......It was well written ....but I do not know if it was necessarily my type of story.....but all in all good.....I liked the ENDING ...the ENDING was good! Keep workin hard kid!

blood goes well with pretty people, so yeah suhoon's perfect for this

Glad you think so~
Great minds think alike *o*

You were meant to blog. It has inspired me to start my own blog on barrie dentist

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