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Unfinished fic/Drabble dump

Um, some of these are super old, so there are probably problems and none of these are really the best but, I dunno, I wanted to share.

X-5 ;; 2Jin ;; fluff 

Hyunjin felt the sun beat against his pale cheek, as he looked up at the sky with a wide smile. The sun was slowly setting, painting the sky in pinks, purples, and oranges. The calm air it brought him, made his eyes feel heavy, but he didn’t want to stop watching.

           “Hyung!” yelled a deep voice from not too far off behind Hyunjin. He peeked up from his spot in the grass to see his fellow giant, Jinwan, standing by his head with a grin. “Don’t fall asleep out here.” The elder of the two said nothing and brought his hands up to grope the air. Jinwan knew what that meant, so he laid next to his hyung, long arms wrapped around his waist.

            With the smile that wasn’t leaving, Hyunjin leaned forward and gave Jinwan a quick peck on the lips.

            “I love you, Jinwanie~” The younger felt his heart flutter as his grin grew wider.

            “I love you too, Hyunjinie~”

X-5 & B.A.P crossover ;; DaeZin ;; Smut

    “God…Hyunjin,” Daehyun panted out as his thrusts quickened inside of the boy below him; the tightness around his hard cock making him slowly become crazed with lust and want for the younger. Every time he rammed back inside, a sweet moan left those swollen, red lips, and it only made him want to hasten his pace. Hyunjin just looked so beautiful like this, cheeks flushed a dark pink, brown, soft locks sticking to his face, eyes half lidded to watch Daehyun, and those lips, those fucking lips would purse into the perfect pout when he slowed down just a bit, then would part so beautifully with every moan. 

DGNA & X-5 crossover ;; SulKa ;; Smut

    A hand slowly traveled up his thigh and caressed the smooth skin, a trail of goosebumps followed.

    “Hyung~” The voice whined playfully as the breath ghosts on Suhoon’s neck. The hand slowly inched its way up farther and hit the end of his nurse uniform, long fingers playing with the fabric of it, the action made Suhoon gulp nervously. His heart started to beat fast, face already flushed red, and his pride as a man took another step down. Teeth lightly grazed at his neck before he heard the voice again, this time making him shiver, “You look so fuckable right now.”

    Next thing he felt was lips that kissed him roughly his and hands shoving the bottom of the nurse outfit up. He gasped which allowed the younger to slip his tongue into the mix. Dazed, he did the only thing that came to mind and kissed back with his handed gripped tightly onto the taller’s shoulder.

    Their tongues pressed against each other and slipped into each other’s mouths, their eyes were shut as hands roamed around bodies, feelings anything they could. One arm hooked around Jinwan’s neck as the other ran down his chest, stopping where Suhoon’s hand felt the nipple underneath the cloth. With a smirk, his thin fingers pinched lightly and made Jinwan groan into their kiss.

    Once he pulled out of the kiss, Jinwan’s hands played with the band of Suhoon’s panties.

    “You ever wore these~” Jinwan said happily as a hand groped Suhoon’s ass. The elder just looked down and blushed deeper, making the embarrassment evident on his face. “Aw hyung,” He felt the other’s face get closer, “You look so cute like this.”  Jinwan pecked his lips, and then trailed kisses down his jaw and neck. Suhoon tilted his head back, giving him more access.

DGNA ;; SuMin ;; Angst 

            Slim fingers gently brushed over skin; pale, sickly, ghostly skin that covered bones, thin, brittle bones meant to protect weak organs from destruction. Only, those bones wouldn’t. The fingertips brushed over bare skin, skin of a male’s chest as it rose and fell at a relaxed pace. The skin was warm to the touch, but it has a dispirited after taste as it continued. Soon, bumps covered the finger’s path; thin, long bumps belonging to a ribcage, only a normal, healthy person’s ribcage wouldn’t be visible and protruding from their body. The feeling made the hand hesitate; it winced back as if it touched something painful, like fire or thorns. The owner of said body froze for a moment, breath stopped in his throat as if he was hurt or frightened, maybe both. The hand didn’t stop there; it traveled back up, past chest, collarbones, and neck, to lightly brush through thin, raven locks, and softly caressed his thin cheeks.

            “I did it for you…”the weakly looking male spoke softly, his voice hushed like he told a secret, “I wanted to look perfect for you.”The man’s dark eyes gazed up at the other male, his body obviously fuller, healthier, and built compared to his fragile frame. His dark brunette hair, although short, had more volume and was more vibrant than his longer locks. The other’s skin had a glow his didn’t, a warm glow that gave him life. The expression that grew on his face was far from lively, it was grim and pained, as if when he heard those words, he was physically abused. It confused him, he did this for him, so he should be happy.

            “Why…” the brunette begun only to trail off, his worried eyes moved across the other’s face, “Suhoon, why did you think I didn’t like you the way you were?”

            There was silence.

            “…Because I didn’t like it.”

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Sorry for the late reply~
Mkay, I will! ^ ^

Thank you for reading ; 3; glad you thought that was hot

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